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A cancer diagnosis, no matter what caused the cancer, is one of the scariest ordeals you will ever go through. If your child has been diagnosed with cancer the situation is even more trying. When most people think of cancer, whether they have it or a loved one does, they do not automatically think that you have rights and may be able to seek legal recourse against anyone, or anything, that may have caused or played a role in you developing cancer. And in many cases this is true. Developing cancer is largely genetic and or a result of lifestyle choices such as smoking. Even in these cases you may have grounds for a lawsuit if your cancer was not accurately diagnosed or was not diagnosed in a timely manner. All cancers have 4 stages and if your doctor failed to detect your cancer you may be entitled to benefits and financial compensation via a medical negligence lawsuits. In other situations if you developed cancer as a result of a dangerous medication such as the weight loss drug Belviq, Belviq XR or the proton pump inhibitor (antacid) Zantac you may have grounds for a product liability lawsuit against the manufacturer of the medication. A third scenario in which you may be able to seek benefits and financial compensation is if you developed cancer such as non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma due to the herbicide Roundup you may be able to file a claim against Monsanto, the maker of Roundup as it contains a known carcinogen called glyphosate. To discuss your Maryland or Washington DC cancer injury claim with our Baltimore cancer injury attorneys please click here. They offer free case evaluations and charge no fees if they cannot recover compensation for you and your family. These benefits can include pain and suffering compensation, medical benefits, lessened quality of life, lost wage compensation and other applicable losses.

The Annapolis cancer misdiagnosis attorneys @hardballlaw serve product liability and medical negligence victims throughout Maryland including the Anne Arundel County, Baltimore city, Baltimore County, Howard County, Montgomery County, Prince George’s County and Wicomico County areas.

Types Of Cancer Misdiagnosis & Injury Claims We Handle

According to the American Cancer Society there are more than 100 forms of cancer. Some are very common and commonly misdiagnosed. Others are primarily seen in children and still others are only seen in people with certain illnesses such as HIV and AIDS. Cancer misdiagnosis cases we handle include, but are not limited to,

Bladder cancer

Breast cancer

Colon cancer (also called colo-rectal cancer)

Kidney cancer


Liver cancer

Lung cancer



Ovarian cancer

Pancreatic cancer

Prostate cancer

Skin cancer

These cancers are the most commonly misdiagnosed, incorrectly diagnosed or not diagnosed in a timely manner. These diagnostic errors cal allow the cancer to spread, also known as metastasize, into the next of 4 stages which means it spreads to other areas of the body. If it is determined that you physician, oncologist, pulmonologist or endocrinologist overlooked the cancer for whatever reason they may be held liable for your injuries, pain and suffering, medical care, etc.

In addition to these cancers being commonly misdiagnosed they are also some of the most common cancers caused by carcinogen (cancer causing substance) and teratogen (substance that can harm fetus) exposure. In these cases the maker of the harmful substance can be held liable for your cancer, your childs’ cancer, birth injuries or birth defects.

Cancer Hospitals & Maryland & Washington DC

The MD & DC area is home to several award winning cancer hospitals including Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, University of Maryland Medical Center in Baltimore, Greater Baltimore Medical Center, Suburban Hospital in Bethesda, UPMC Western Maryland and Sinai Hospital of Baltimore and Peninsula Regional Medical Center in Salisbury. Our Ellicott City medical malpractice attorneys have handled negligence claims against them and other.

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Baltimore Cancer Misdiagnosis Attorney Susan R. Green has many years experience handling all types of cancer injury claims throughout Maryland and Washington DC. Please email her here for a free case evaluation. She charges no fees if she is unable to obtain compensation for you.

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