Coach Sexual Abuse

If you, or your child, have been the victims of coach sexual abuse anywhere in Maryland you have rights and may be eligible for medical care, therapy and financial compensation according to the newly enacted Maryland Child Victims Act. In the state of MD coach sexual abuse cases theoretically can be addressed through the criminal or civil justice systems. Indeed, a Maryland coach sexual abuse case can be adjudicated through both the criminal and civil court systems. If you are an adult who was sexually victimized by a coach while a child, or if you are a parent who has a son or daughter that has been sexually abused or assaulted by a coach, you can learn more regarding Maryland child sexual assault law and your rights by scheduling a confidential initial consultation with the caring, experienced legal team at The Law Offices of Susan R. Green. You can reach her firm now or at any time of the day or night by phone or by emailing her here. You can also listen to Ms. Green’s Maryland Injury Attorney Podcast here.

Maryland Coach Sexual Abuse of a Child

The incidence of the sexual abuse of children by coaches is insidious and occurs with alarming frequency. This includes coach sexual abuse perpetrated on high school, middle school, and even elementary school children in Maryland.

MD Coach Sexual Abuse Of College Students

With alarming regularity, college students are being sexually abused by coaches as well as other staff members of athletic departments. If you or your child have been sexually abused by a coach of other member of a school’s athletic department while a college student, the legal experts @hardballlaw can explain your legal rights.

The attorneys at Ms. Green’s firm have significant backgrounds in fighting for the rights of Maryland college students who have been subjected to coach sexual abuse. She fights for justice even in those situations in which college or university administrators, as well as law enforcement and criminal prosecutors, have dropped the ball.

Contact An Experienced Maryland Coach Sexual Abuse Lawyer

Take the first step towards retaining a caring, compassionate, dedicated Baltimore coach sexual abuse lawyer in your corner is to schedule an initial consultation with the legal team at Hardball Law. You can reach Towson injury lawyer Susan R. Green any time of the day or night by calling or emailing her here. Annapolis coach sexual abuse attorney Susan R. Green’s office is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 52 weeks a year, including all major holidays. She knows that when you have made the decision to seek legal assistance as a survivor of sexual abuse and that time is of the essence.

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