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Every person with an outstanding legal problem should have access to an experienced attorney and counselor. At Hardball Law in Baltimore, attorney Susan R. Green is an aggressive litigator who does not back down when advocating for her clients. Whether you have been injured in an accident, by a doctor or hospital or at work, she can effectively negotiate and litigate your claim.

Attorney Susan R. Green She has made it her business to stand up for people who face injustice to ensure their voices are heard in the courtroom. When a person faces illness or a family is left with the aftermath of a wrongful death, the legal system can be overwhelming. Furthermore, families often struggle with paying their bills when out of work, in addition to the physical and emotional aftermath of a serious injury. However, Susan R. Green is here to assist you and to take some of the burdens off your shoulders. She has made a career out of standing up for people who would not otherwise have a voice in the justice system.

What Types of Cases Does Hardball Law Handle?

  • Personal Injury and Car Accidents – After an accident or injury from a car accident or other incident, a person will likely deal with physical and emotional trauma. Let Susan handle your insurance claim and/or personal injury lawsuit while you focus on your and your family’s recovery and well-being.
  • Medical Malpractice – Susan has extensive experienceadvocating for victims of medical negligence by doctors, nurses and hospitals. This includes but is not limited to misdiagnoses, failure to diagnose cancer, surgical errors, medication errors and more.
  • Workers’ Compensation – When a worker is injured on the job, filing a workers’ comp claim may be complicated, and any mistakes made can jeopardize your claim. Speak to Susan about your work injury as soon as possible; she can also review the situation to see if there are additional avenues for money damages and benefits, such as a third-party claim.
  • Criminal Defense – Susan will consider offering representation for criminal defense cases when there has been a serious miscarriage of justice. She has experience with and can handle criminal defense cases that draw extensive media attention.

Have a Legal Problem? Speak with our Baltimore Attorney

After an accident or serious injury, the party responsible and/or insurance company will likely try to downplay and minimize your claim and damages. Baltimore attorney Susan R. Green has made it her mission to fiercely advocate for her clients, and she has a reputation for her no-holds-barred style when challenged.

If you feel you have been the victim not only of an accident or injustice, contact Hardball Law at (410)494-7400. We offer free consultations and contingency fee arrangements for personal injury, medical malpractice and workers’ compensation claims.

A common mental health condition in Maryland is Post-traumatic stress disorder, abbreviated PTSD. It is most commonly seen in veterans who have been in combat. PTSD is also seen in those who have been seriously injured due to auto accidents, tractor trailer crashes, work accidents and medical malpractice. PTSD is also seen it those who [...]

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As parents, handling the medical and legal fallout of a child injury is perhaps even more difficult than dealing with an injury of your own. You may feel betrayed by the person or company whose negligence harmed your child. You may also feel helpless to do anything about your child’s potentially life-altering injuries or wrongful [...]

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A child is vulnerable to injuries of some sort in their daily lives just as adults are. Examples are car, trucking and motorcycle accidents, slip and falls, animal attacks and medical malpractice. Kids are also prone to injuries that most adults are not such as playground accidents, sexual abuse by a coach, priest, teacher or [...]

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If you are facing criminal, DUI or DWI charges in Maryland you stand to lose a lot if convicted, even of a misdemeanor. With your ability to be employed, operate a vehicle, child custody status and freedom at risk do not face the Maryland criminal justice alone. You need effective criminal defense. Please connect with [...]

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If you’ve suffered an injury and were ultimately scarred or disfigured in any type of accident you may suffer exponentially more than just the pain and discomfort at time of injury. In addition to the physical discomfort and pain, which may lead to temporary disability  and permanent impairment, there are often residual physical scars. Scarring can often times [...]

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Doctors and other healthcare workers have a duty to provide care to the sick and injured while also ensuring that their treatment does not cause additional, preventable harm. The damage that results when physicians, nurses and other workers neglect this duty often causes the most serious, life-altering types of personal injuries or wrongful death. Even [...]

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Injuries caused by burns can be excruciatingly painful for the burn victim. Depending on the severity and degree of the burn they can cause severe physical, emotional and mental trauma. The deeper the burn, the longer and more extensive the treatment plan and recovery period. Burns are measured in terms of degrees which refer to [...]

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When in a hospital, whether you are a patient, staff member, healthcare provider, volunteer or visitor you expect to be kept safe in a clean, hazard free environment. As a patient you expect that an appropriate level of care will be provided so that you experience no complications due to medical negligence. This is not [...]

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When you visit a store, business or someone else’s home, you expect reasonably safe conditions that allow you to shop or move around without extraordinary caution. You expect stairs, railings and other installations to be as safe as they appear; you do not expect to have to avoid unusual dangers like spills, debris or dangerous [...]

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As a consumer, you trust manufacturing companies to produce items that will not harm you, your children or loved ones. However, these companies operate with a priority on profits, not safety. Corporations may therefore neglect safety tests and other procedures, putting defective and dangerous products on the market. Product defects in children’s toys, medications, auto [...]

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A spinal cord injury, whether it is the result of an auto accident, work injury or medical mistake do not only affect the individual who sustained it, but the entire family. In many cases, after a spinal accident, the spouse, children and other family members serve as caregivers. Additionally, the person with the spinal injury [...]

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In 2021 there seems to be a medication for almost every ailment or illness there is. Sometimes it seems as though a health condition is made up just to cash in on selling a medication for it. The pharmaceutical industry is big business and a big part of our culture is to seek relief from [...]

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One of the most difficult types of legal situations you may face are issues related to family law. This can include very emotionally charged, and painful, situations related to divorce, child custody, child support and spousal support. As if the emotional toll family law issues take on those involved is not enough, when financial fear [...]

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At home pressure cookers are common but are also extremely dangerous kitchen appliances no matter how experienced a cook or chef you are. As the name implies these devices create high heat and a tremendous buildup of steam pressure. Any flawed or subpar manufacturing standards can disastrously should the unit explode or unexpectedly release steam [...]

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After an on-the-job accident, employees may be entitled to receive workers’ compensation benefits. While not every workers’ comp situation needs to involve a lawyer, an injured employee should obtain legal advice before moving forward with a claim. It is important to start and file the claim paperwork correctly from the beginning of the case, and [...]

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Drunk driving is a serious criminal offense in the state of Maryland. A conviction, even for a first time misdemeanor offense, can result in very severe legal penalties and fines. The Baltimore County drunk driving defense attorneys @hardballlaw invite you to contact us to discuss the DUI charge asserted against you in more detail. They [...]

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The more advanced medicine becomes the more danger there is of being injured or killed due to a defective medical device. In the United States all new pharmaceuticals and medical devices undergo testing by the FDA. As it is such a lucrative industry there is pressure to release these drugs and devices before thorough testing [...]

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After a car accident, survivors or family members who lost a loved one may feel that no one is on their side. However, Towson auto accident attorney Susan R. Green offers compassionate yet aggressive representation to level the playing field between injury victims and powerful, and cold, insurance companies who want nothing more than to [...]

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After an accident such as a serious car accident, or on the job injury, you may be plagued by chronic pain long after the injuries heal. This condition Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), also called Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD), is a chronic progressive disease that is thought to be brought on following a traumatic injury. [...]

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