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If you are facing criminal, DUI or DWI charges in Maryland you stand to lose a lot if convicted, even of a misdemeanor. With your ability to be employed, operate a vehicle, child custody status and freedom at risk do not face the Maryland criminal justice alone. You need effective criminal defense. Please connect with Towson criminal defense attorney Susan R. Green is a litigator and aggressive advocate for her clients. Susan reviews select criminal defense cases where she feels like a grave miscarriage of justice or constitutional law violations have occurred, or will occur if the accused is convicted of the charges. In addition to her skills and experience investigating cases, preparing all applicable defenses and constitutional arguments and litigating before a judge and jury, Susan also has the necessary knowledge to craft a media strategy. In the types of criminal cases Susan takes on, media attention or media avoidance may be part of the overarching plan, and she is will be prepared and poised to assist her clients who are under intense public scrutiny.

Baltimore County criminal lawyer Susan R. Green serves those facing criminal and impaired driving charges in the Annapolis, Baltimore, Catonsville, Columbia, College Park, Dundalk, Essex, Edgewood, Ellicott City, Fort Meade and Towson, MD areas.

Examples of Past Criminal Defense Cases 

One of Susan’s highly-publicized cases involved an Orthodox Jewish man named Avi Werdesheim, who in 2012 was accused of assaulting an African-American teenager while on neighborhood watch in his neighborhood. Avi pleaded self-defense. The case sparked a great deal of racial tension throughout Baltimore, with heated opinions from the Jewish and African-American communities, as well as the public at large. Susan’s skilled management of the media assisted in the legal defense she crafted, which concluded with Avi being acquitted of the charges.

In another case that received national attention, Susan represented a high-school student who was accused of assaulting her art teacher. While the witness testimony of what occurred was conflicting, it was clear that the teacher had called the student a number of derogatory names, which started the conflict. The conflict was videotaped on a cell phone, which was then broadcast throughout the nation on television shows including “Nancy Grace.” Susan’s client was needlessly vilified by the media, although Susan fought back and presented a solid defense of the young girl. The girl was acquitted of all charges except the least-serious charge of “disrupting the school day.”

Maryland Attorney Susan R. Green for Select Criminal Defense Cases

Criminal defense litigator Susan R. Green handles cases she feels passionately about, cases where a grave miscarriage of justice may occur and cases where national media may play a part. Susan R. Green investigates all aspect of the case, prepares solid defenses, stands up for her clients’ constitutional rights and manages media attention and response to the case.

If you would like to speak to Towson, MD DUI defense attorney Susan R. Green about a criminal case, contact Hardball Law at (410) 494-7400 to schedule an appointment.

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