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In 2021 there seems to be a medication for almost every ailment or illness there is. Sometimes it seems as though a health condition is made up just to cash in on selling a medication for it. The pharmaceutical industry is big business and a big part of our culture is to seek relief from what ails us in the form of medication and drugs. The variable is that sometimes in an effort to get a drug to market known side effects are withheld from the public, the medical community as well as the Food & Drug Administration (FDA). So from when the medication is released and flooded into the market until it gets linked to health issues such as the development of cancer(s), organ damage, skeletal system injuries and sometimes death billions of dollars are made by the drug companies. This money is made at the expense of the American people and at some point many drugs are recalled but only after thousands of people are injured, killed and their lives and health forever altered. Common examples as of February 2021 are Zantac recalls, Elmiron vision loss claims, Belviq cancer lawsuits, opioid addiction and a host of medical conditions such as amputation, gangrene and organ damage due to various Type-2 diabetes drugs. Medication injury cases such as these are a different type of case than medication errors that happen in a hospital or nursing home where the dose is wrong, route of administration os incorrect, etc. Medication error lawsuits are filed against the doctor, hospital or skilled nursing facility where med was given. Injury cases stemming from a harmful medicine that contains a carcinogen (a cancer causing substance) are filed against the drug company directly. If you have developed cancer, suffered bone density loss or any other health condition and you think it was caused by a dangerous medication please contact the DC and Maryland medication injury lawyers @hardballlaw for a free case evaluation. No fees are charged if they are unable to obtain compensation for you and your family.

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