Teacher Sex Abuse

Have you, or perhaps your child, been the victim of teacher sex abuse in Maryland? If so, you may be entitled to benefits and financial compensation according to the new Maryland Child Victims Act. As being the victim of sexual assault by anyone, including teachers, religious figures, coaches, martial arts instructors, professors, police officers, relatives, neighbors and family friends is one of the most traumatic experiences you will ever endure you need the help of a skilled and experienced sex abuse injury attorney to protect your rights and get you the benefits, medical care and financial compensation you deserve. Maryland teachers, as well as the school districts they work for, who sexually abuse children must absolutely be held accountable for their reprehensible and unspeakable actions in a Maryland court. Do not hesitate to seek legal help from an experienced Baltimore attorney for sexual abuse committed by teachers. The child sex abuse advocates @hardballlaw protect the rights of assault, sexual assault and rape victims throughout Maryland. Please click here to contact us to learn more about the newly enacted Maryland Child Victims Act and how we can help you move on from this heinous experience.

Sexual Abuse By Teacher Statistics

According to a report by the American Association of University Women, around one in 10 students in grades eight through eleven said they had been the victim of one or more such abuses from a teacher or other school employee. Two-thirds of the reported incidents involved physical contact.

When it comes to sexual abuse in schools, teachers are among the most common perpetrators of rape and sexual assault of students. They have the opportunity to work alone with children, and are in a position of authority that allows them to prey on their victims more easily. Sadly, many sexual predators seek out professions, like teaching, that allow them to meet, groom, and abuse new victims.

Possible Signs Of Sexual Abuse In Students

Child sexual abuse is insidious, and can be difficult to identify. Physical signs – such as bruising around the genitals, anus, or pelvis; difficulty walking or sitting; and/or pain when using the bathroom – can indicate abuse at any age, but behaviors can change depending on the age of the child, too.

In younger children:

  • Regression to earlier behaviors, like thumb-sucking or bed-wetting
  • Sexually aggressive play, with dolls or other children
  • Agitation or resistance at bed time or bath time, when clothes need to be removed and changed

In older children and teens:

  • Anxiety or depression, including suicidal thoughts
  • Self-injury and harm, including cutting
  • Self-destructive behavior, such as drug or alcohol abuse
  • Either hiding as much or their bodies as possible, or wearing clothing that exposes an excessive amount of skin
  • Changes in personal hygiene and grooming

In children of any age:

  • Nightmares or other sleep disruptions
  • Sudden changes in eating habits
  • Changes in behavior or mood
  • Creating sexually explicit or violent art (writing, drawing, etc.)

What To Do Should You Think A Teacher Is Abusing Your Child

As a parent you want to think your child is safe and in good hands when in school but that is not always the case. Should your kid be showing signs of sexual abuse, and you believe it is at the hands of one of their teachers, coaches or school administrators (guidance counselors, Vice Principal or the school Principal) please consider the following:

  1. Speak with your child first. If your child tells you he or she has been abused, immediately call your local law enforcement and file a report.
  2. Go to the local hospital. Request a rape kit immediately.
  3. With permission, ask to photograph the injuries. If your child has sustained bruising, ask if it is okay if you take pictures. Then, give those photos to the police. It is likely that the police and/or the hospital will take pictures as well.
  4. Encourage your child while he or she speaks with the police. Talking to law enforcement can be terrifying. Your child may or may not want you in the room when describing the events. If he or she chooses not to disclose the details in front of you, make sure there is an advocate for your child in the room during the process.
  5. Ask the police about contacting the school. We understand the primal urge to look for the teacher, or to confront the school. Do not do this. Let the police handle it. They are trained to deal with these horrific situations.
  6. Call a lawyer. You are going to need representation: period. After you have taken care of your child’s health and spoken to the police, call us. Our Maryland child abuse lawyers have handled numerous cases of sexual abuse by teachers and school staff, including cases involving sexual touching, sexual grabbing, locker room transgressions, and inappropriate romantic relationships.
  7. Shut down your social media profiles, and your children’s profiles. Nothing good comes from posting on social media, and it can harm your case. Stay away from the comments section, too.

Why Choose Maryland Child Sex Abuse Lawyer Susan R. Green?

Baltimore Child Sex Abuse Attorney Susan R. Green has handled cases involving teachers ranging from pre-k through high school. She, more than any other MD child sexual assault attorney, understand that potential effects such actions can have on your child, and she will tirelessly advocate aggressively on behalf of your child.

Despite her relentless desire to protect the rights of children Ms. Green is also acutely aware of the fact that discretion is needed, in order to protect your child. She will provide a safe space for families, where you and your child can feel free to discuss your needs, ask your questions, and let your walls down. The staff at Hardball Law, located in Towson, MD, will absolutely respect your privacy as well as you/your child’s rights, and she will do anything, and everything, in her power within the law to protect you and your rights during this extraordinarily tumultuous time.

Holding Maryland School Districts Accountable

If you, or your child, were sexually abused by a teacher, there could be multiple parties who are liable for damages. The school district, the school administrators, and other school personnel may all be held to account for what was allowed to happen to your child.

Understand that a civil case is very different from a criminal case, and recent changes in the law regarding time lines may not help you. It is imperative that you contact a Maryland child sexual assault attorney immediately, to ensure that your child’s rights are upheld.

Talk To A MD Student Sex Abuse Lawyer Today

Upper Marlboro Maryland child sexual abuse attorney Susan R. Green understands how traumatic sexual abuse in school is for the student as well as their loved ones. Her caring and compassionate nature will help you to feel comfortable facing your attacker and aggressively protect your rights. Ms. Green will take the time to learn the facts surrounding your case, as well as the events leading up to the assault and provide effective professional representation. If you believe your child is the victim of sexual abuse by a teacher, call Ms. Green or complete the online contact form to schedule a free initial consultation. Do not wait as the longer you do the longer it may take to move on emotionally and psychologically.

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