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After a car accident where an innocent driver or passenger has been seriously injured, the most important thing for a person and family to understand is that the insurance companies are not on their side. The other driver’s insurance company will be working from the moment it receives news of the wreck to place the blame on anyone but their insured. Not only are insurance companies for-profit businesses who make money by denying and minimizing claims, but insurance agents have incentives to do so. A person without an attorney will have an extremely difficult time being treated fairly by an insurance company after a car accident.

Baltimore car accident attorney Susan R. Green, founder of Hardball Law, knows exactly the tactics insurance companies use to deny legitimate claims. She is an aggressive negotiator and litigator who is dedicated to her clients’ cases. After an accident, as soon as you are able, contact Susan at Hardball Law to learn about your rights and legal options at no charge.

How Does Contributory Negligence in Maryland Affect My Car Crash Claim?

An injured person should never speak to the other driver’s insurance company without their own personal injury lawyer at their side. Why? The other driver’s insurance agent, as stated above, may attempt to trick the injured driver or passenger into admitting fault or partial blame for the wreck. This is due to the legal doctrine of contributory negligence in Maryland.

Contributory negligence basically says that a person hurt in an accident cannot recover anything from any other party if he or she contributed, in any way, to the wreck. This even includes situations where the injured party was only a tiny bit responsible, and the other driver was overwhelmingly at fault.

The doctrine of contributory negligence only exists in a few states besides Maryland (notably, contributory negligence is also the law in Washington DC and Virginia.) Most states use comparative negligence, which divides up fault between drivers and offers damage awards proportionately. However, in Maryland, a driver who was only 1% responsible for an accident could generally not recover anything from another driver who was 99% at fault.

The insurance agents fully understand contributory negligence and use this doctrine in their favor when speaking with unrepresented parties. They will try to ask leading questions that confuse the person in an attempt to obtain an admission of fault in a recorded statement. Do not fall for this trap. Never speak to another driver’s insurance company without your own attorney at your side. You are not required to speak to the other driver’s insurance company immediately after an accident. If someone contacts you, simply tell them you are going to be hiring a lawyer, and the insurance agent can speak to that that attorney.

Hurt by Someone Else’s Negligence? Call Our Baltimore Car Accident Lawyers Now

After a car accident, survivors or family members who lost a loved one may feel that no one is on their side. However, Baltimore personal injury attorney Susan R. Green offers compassionate yet aggressive representation to level the playing field between injury victims and powerful insurance companies.  

If you are hurt after a car accident, do not hesitate to contact the Baltimore car accident lawyers at Hardball Law at (410)494-7400. We will review your situation at no charge to evaluate your claim and offer free legal advice. If and when our law firm is retained, no money is ever owed unless you receive a verdict or settlement in your favor.


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