Wrongful Death of a Loved One

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When a loved one was killed in a preventable accident or while being cared for in a hospital, the surviving family members likely do not know where to turn for help. In such situations, a lawyer is likely the last thing on their minds, as family members try to make sense of the traumatic incident and plan for an uncertain financial future. However, speaking to a lawyer can take some of the weight off surviving families, as they can at least rest assured the legal aspect of the situation is in capable hands.

Wrongful death attorney Susan R. Green represents families of individuals who have passed away in car and truck wrecks, in workplace accidents or due to medical malpractice. Although most family members may find it difficult to speak to an attorney after such a traumatic incident, finding legal representation can be a great benefit to the entire family. Depending on the circumstances of the situation, a lawyer might need to act quickly to preserve necessary evidence for future legal claims on behalf of the surviving family members.

How Can a Lawyer Help a Family After a Fatal Accident or Medical Mistake?

One of the most devastating aspects of losing a loved one is not knowing what exactly happened and why. An attorney can help uncover the truth for family members who may be in the dark as to how and why a family member was killed. In certain situations, after an initial investigation, the attorney may find there is no legal case or claim the family may bring. However, even in that situation, the surviving family members can have some peace and closure knowing that they have done everything possible in the aftermath.

However, in certain situations, a loved one’s passing may be deemed a wrongful death:

  • Motor vehicle accidents: When a person is killed in a car, truck or motorcycle accident, surviving family members may have options to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the motorist or party responsible. These types of claims are often highly contested by insurance companies, and a lawyer needs to act quickly to preserve the physical evidence, photograph the scene, and speak to any witnesses.
  • Workplace accidents: A surviving spouse or other family members should speak to a lawyer if a loved one was killed while on the job. In addition to potential workers’ comp survivor benefits and other insurance claims, there may be additional legal avenues for relief. This may include a third party claim, which is a personal injury lawsuit if a party other than the employer negligently caused the accident.
  • Medical malpractice: One of the most difficult aspects of loved one dying in a hospital during surgery or medical treatment is the family may not be told the full truth of what happened. Of course, there is inherent risk in all medical treatments and surgery. Due to this, it may not be easy to tell if the death was a tragic, unpreventable outcome, or if it was due to a doctor or medical professional’s preventable mistake. If a family suspects medical negligence caused the death of their relative, they should speak to a lawyer like Susan R. Green, who has significant experience investigating and pursuing medical malpractice claims.

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No one can truly understand what it is like to lose a loved one in a tragic accident. Every situation is different, and every family deals with the aftermath in a unique way. However, speaking to an attorney soon after the incident may be one of the most important things family members can do for themselves and their loved one. It can ensure the family members get answers, preserve necessary evidence and can find some relief in knowing their claim or lawsuit is being handled by experienced, capable professionals.

Baltimore attorney Susan R. Green offers free legal advice to surviving family members who want to discuss their loved one’s passing. Contact Hardball Law at (410)494-7400 to schedule an appointment.

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