Did Medical Malpractice Cause Injuries at Birth?

When an obstetrician or other doctor makes errors during pregnancy, labor or delivery, an infant may sustain irreversible injuries that will affect his or her entire life. In some cases, the mother may also suffer trauma or life-threatening injury. Even worse, doctors rarely tell new parents when they make mistakes, so you may not know the reason for your child’s condition. Then, the doctor, hospital and/or insurance company may try to deflect liability or deny your rightful compensation. These obstacles can leave parents feeling hurt, helpless and alone. Consequently, a birth injury lawsuit is about so much more than finding a way to pay your medical bills. It is about holding doctors and hospitals accountable when they betray the trust of families. It is about fighting for justice for you and your child. Baltimore, Maryland birth injury lawyer Susan R. Green has made a career out of helping people stand up for their rights after devastating injuries. Her hands-on approach to her legal practice means that she will not pass your case off to an associate or less qualified attorney. She will speak to medical experts and the doctor herself to find you the answers you need. If you need to file a birth injury lawsuit, then she will be there, aggressively advocating for the full compensation you deserve.  

Towson, Maryland child birth injury attorney Susan R. Green serves birth injury victims and their families throughout Maryland including the Annapolis, Baltimore, Catonsville, Columbia, Dundalk, Edgewood, Essex, Frederick, Glen Burnie, Rockville, Salisbury, Towson & Wheaton, MD.

What are Common Types of Birth Injuries?

Medical negligence during pregnancy and/or birth can cause a wide range of injuries. Physical trauma or oxygen deprivation from a difficult or mishandled delivery can cause damage to the bones, muscles, nerves and/or brain. Additionally, prescription errors and other mistakes during a mother’s pregnancy can cause severe birth defects. Some of the most common types of birth injuries that result from obstetric medical malpractice include:

  • Cerebral palsy. Among the most common birth injuries, cerebral palsy is a neurological condition that results from damage to the brain. It usually causes impaired motor function and uncontrollable movement.
  • Brachial plexus injuries (BPI). These injuries result from trauma to the nerves and muscles of the upper arm, causing loss of function and/or weakness. Erb’s palsy affects the upper arm and shoulder, while Klumpke’s palsy affect the lower arm and hand.
  • Serious bone fractures. A difficult or negligent delivery can cause broken bones, which may heal improperly, leading to more serious conditions later in life.
  • Shoulder dystocia. If a baby’s head or arm becomes trapped during delivery, both the mother and child may suffer severe injury. The infant may sustain injuries leading to cerebral palsy, BPI, brain injury and/or wrongful death. For the mother, shoulder dystocia can cause hemorrhage, a ruptured uterus and/or death.
  • Persistent pulmonary hypertension of a newborn (PPHN). This condition causes difficulty breathing and heart problems as a result of pulmonary artery failure. Medication errors, oxygen deprivation and other factors may cause PPHN. However, most permanent injuries from PPHN result from delayed diagnosis and improper treatment immediately following birth.
  • Hypoxic or anoxic brain injuries. If a doctor fails to monitor the vital signs of the mother and/or infant, then the child may suffer full or partial oxygen deprivation. This can cause widespread brain injury, affecting the child’s physical and mental development.

What Kinds of Medical Negligence May Cause a Child’s Birth Injuries?

Like all physicians, obstetricians, gynecologists and neonatal doctors must adhere to the medical standard of reasonable care. This includes performing routine checks during pregnancy, taking precautions based on the mother’s medial history and following standard delivery practices. Negligence at any point can cause lifelong injury to the child and possibly the mother as well. Common causes of birth injuries include:

  • Failure to monitor mother and/or infant during labor. Doctors and nurses must closely observe the mother and child during labor for signs of distress or emergency. Many birth injuries may be preventable by proper monitoring.
  • Improper use of forceps or vacuum extractors. Poorly trained or negligent doctors and nurses can cause serious brain and/or neck injuries to an infant with delivery tools like forceps and vacuum extractors.
  • Medication errors. Errors like prescribing a medication known to cause birth defects or administering incorrect dosages to mothers can cause serious health conditions for the child. Additionally, expectant mothers may require supplements to ensure the health of a baby, which a doctor should prescribe or recommend.
  • Failure to diagnose illness or dangerous conditions before or after birth. In some cases, serious injury or wrongful death can be prevented by operations or medication during pregnancy. Additionally, if a child struggles to breathe after birth or exhibits other signs of distress, then doctors must diagnose them quickly and begin treatment to prevent long-lasting damage.
  • Delayed cesarean section or failure to order a c-section. A difficult or prolonged labor can cause brain injury and other complications for the child as well as injury to the mother. However, these injuries can often be prevented by a timely caesarian section.

Doctor’s Errors Harm Your Child? Contact Our Maryland Birth Injury Lawyer Today

So much depends on a birth injury lawsuit. The compensation you recover can help you ensure that your child’s future medical needs and care are provided for. Not only that, but a victory can mean validation for you and your family, allowing you to hold negligent doctors and nurses accountable for the harm they caused.

If you feel confused or helpless after a difficult delivery, then contact Baltimore, Maryland birth injury lawyer Susan Green. She does not back down, even when faced with powerful opposition from hospitals, doctors and insurance companies. She will work with you, right by your side, throughout your claim to help ensure you get the full recovery you need for your family.

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