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Semi-trucks and 18-wheelers are some of the most dangerous vehicles on the road. While there are many federal and state laws and regulations to increase the safety of these trucks, the reality is that many trucking companies cut corners in the interest of profit. Further, truck drivers may push their own limits of driving safety to deliver the goods faster, and they may not keep up with necessary truck maintenance. All these things and more can lead to a catastrophic trucking accident, which can cost the lives of innocent people. 

In the immediate aftermath of a truck accident, the trucking company and its insurance carrier can be at the scene of the accident within minutes. This is why Baltimore. Maryland truck accident attorney Susan R. Green, founder of Hardball Law, can act quickly to protect your interests after a wreck. She is an aggressive negotiator and litigator who is not afraid to stand up to large trucking corporations.

Maryland Trucking Companies

The state of MD is home to dozens of trucking, cargo and shipping companies. Our DC and MD tractor trailer accident lawyers handle claims against all of them as well as companies based throughout the country. Some of the larger Maryland companies are ACTS Logistics in Hanover, MD, Capitol Express & Warehousing in Jessup, BDR Express in Frederick, Transamerican Trucking in Baltimore and The Ritter Companies in Laurel. No matter what company you were injured by Annapolis tractor trailer accident attorney Susan R. Green can help.

Why Must You Act Quickly After a Semi-Truck Accident?

Modern trucks are typically equipped with satellite trackers. The trucking company will know almost immediately that an accident happened, and they will send their people out right away to the scene. The trucking company has investigators and insurance agents that will attempt to take control of the evidence and speak to other parties involved as soon as possible.

Evidence after a truck accident is extremely important. This includes the truck itself, its computer and “black box” that maintains all types of electronic data on the truck. Further, it is important for pictures to be taken of the scene, the road and any skid marks or tracks left visible. However, since the truck company will likely arrive to the scene before any victims’ can retain their own lawyers, they often will seize the truck and be the ones to take pictures when it is fresh.

Once a victim of a truck accident hires his or her own attorney, that lawyer can take certain steps to ensure the evidence is maintained. One way a lawyer does this is by sending a legal demand letter, ordering the trucking company to preserve the evidence. This letter has legal significance; if the truck company loses or destroys evidence after its receipt, they may face consequences in court. Further, your own attorney can send an investigator to the scene of the accident and to speak to any and all witnesses on your behalf. 

Similar to a car accident, you should never speak to the truck driver’s insurance company after a wreck without your own attorney at your side. If you have been seriously injured in the crash, you may be in the hospital, on pain medication or otherwise recovering from the shock of the accident. At that time, reach out to a truck accident attorney who can work to preserve the evidence on your behalf, and who can make sure you receive everything to which you are entitled. This settlement could include all past and future hospital expenses, all lost wages and benefits from being out of work, and non-economic damages, such as pain and suffering.

What To Do After A Trucking Accident

After a truck accident, survivors or family members who lost a loved one need to act quickly to ensure the evidence of the wreck is preserved. Families cannot do this on their own. Conducting a tractor trailer accident investigation immediately is imperative. There are federal trucking regulations that must be adhered to and, if they are not, that will play a role in your truck accident case. Also, maintenance logs, properly maintained brakes, tires, etc. and other factors all come into play in the aftermath of a tractor trailer accident. Baltimore, Maryland trucking accident attorney Susan R. Green offers compassionate yet aggressive representation to level the playing field between the innocent people hurt in the wreck and the trucking company and its insurance company.  

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If you or your loved one was harmed in a truck crash, do not hesitate to contact Hardball Law at (410)494-7400. We will review your situation at no charge to evaluate your claim and offer free legal advice. If and when our law firm is retained, no money is ever owed unless you receive a verdict or settlement in your favor.

Maryland Trucking Accident Attorney Susan R. Green handles trucking and tractor trailer accidents throughout Maryland and Washington D.C. This includes the Annapolis, Baltimore, Bel Air, Bethesda, Bowie, Catonsville, Cockeysville, College Park, Columbia, Dundalk, Glen Burnie, Hagerstown, Joppa, Laurel, Ocean City, Randallstown, Reistertown, Salisbury, Silver Spring, Snow Hill, Timonium, Towson, Upper Marlboro, Westmit& Wheaton, MD areas.

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